Community led social and environmental benefits package

Extra’s approach to delivering their ‘new generation’ MSAs starts with a holistic look at the site. This involves taking account of all aspects of the development, for example, the ground form and associated constraints, views towards and from the site, ecology, trees, archaeology, access, circulation, topography and service infrastructure.

Having identified a development area, a safe and functioning layout will then be shaped. Ensuring safe access from the Motorway and consideration of landscape impacts are key to this stage of the process, along with evolving a building design that works with its surroundings and ensuring that the scheme is as sustainable as possible. For example a new Extra MSA will include the use of sustainable timber and green roofs, local materials and reflecting local building styles.

In practice this means considering any new site holistically, taking account of all aspects of the development through from the ground form, views both towards and from the site,

ecology, trees, archaeology, access, circulation, topography, and service infrastructure. In addition Extra adopt a sustainable design approach with sustainable timber and green roofs, use of local materials and reflecting local building styles, together with strategic key linkages with the surrounding area.

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Further Information

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Considering any new site holistically, taking account of all aspects of development

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£1.5 million in annual rates; 340 permanent jobs

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