At the end of June 2019 Extra submitted an outline planning application to Chiltern District Council for a new Motorway Service Area (MSA) between Junctions 16 and 17 of the M25, near Chalfont St Peter.


The description of development applied for is:

The erection of a Motorway Service Area with all matters reserved with the exception of access from the M25, comprising of a Facilities Building, Fuel Filling Station, Electric vehicle charging, up to 100 bedroom Hotel, service yard, parking facilities, vehicle circulation, landscaping, woodland and amenity spaces, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)/attenuation, pedestrian and cycle links, retaining structures and associated mitigation, infrastructure and earthworks/enabling works.

The application is supported by the following information which can be accessed via Chiltern District Council’s website (application reference PL/19/2260/OA):

  • Site Location Plan

  • Illustrative Masterplan

  • Floorplans and Elevations

  • Cross Sections

  • Access Plan

  • Environmental Statement (including Transport Assessment)

  • Design and Access Statement

  • Planning Statement

  • Alternative Sites Assessment

  • Consultation Statement

  • Design Principles Document

  • Economic Statement

  • Employability Statement

  • Public Right of Way Strategy

  • Sustainability Statement

  • Energy Statement

Further Information

A significant public safety risk exists on the Western M25

The Public Safety Role of MSAs

Supporting the roll out of zero emissions vehicles - addressing the challenges of recharging anxiety' on the Motorway network

Future Emissions Reduction Measures

Considering any new site holistically, taking account of all aspects of development

Extra's Approach

A matter of urgency if fatigue related accidents are to be reduced

A Significant Public Safety Need

Finding a suitable location.
Extra has undertaken an extensive search of potential

M25, Junction 16-17

Deliver significant social and environmental benefits for the local area

Working with the Local Community

A new MSA located between Junctions 16 and 17 would fill the largest number of safety gaps

Where is the Safety Risk on the M25?

Spatial sketch of Extra's land interest and the potential footprint of an MSA

M25 West (Warren Farm)

Motorway Service Area

£1.5 million in annual rates; 340 permanent jobs

Economic Benefits